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Official Insight

VMRS Official Insight
      By James Snape 

(Photo by Crystal Snape)

Most times I get to the track pretty early and usually leave extremely late only to learn the MRS officials have arrived hours earlier and start
their travel home long after I'm gone.

Those people have to be the most dedicated individuals I have ever met. It's not a glamorous job and you're not going to make a bundle of money doing it. The weather can be either hot, cold,  or wet,  and that can all be on the same day. All that plus you might be missing out on family activities. Then why do it?  It's got to be for the love of the sport and the friendships
that have been made over time.

One such official is: Jerry Elliott. The Groton, Connecticut resident works as a landscaper during the week. His wife Laura can always be found traveling with him from track to track. Jerry has three children, Jerry JR., Kristen and Arthur.

His position with the MRS is listed as utility official. What does a utility official do? Everything from staging haulers, spotting, lining up cars for their qualifying and feature races and making sure they get on track in a timely manner. He's been involved with the MRS for the last 3 seasons but has been
attending races since the age of 8.

Like many of us Jerry has worked for many teams, especially at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl including James Pont in the street stocks division. Some of Jerrys' favorite memories include 
James Pont winning three mini stock championships.

Asked who his favorite driver of all time is or was and it was no surprise he said Richie Evans. Sometimes a person will inspire or impress you in the racing business and Eric Webster (Webby) is "the one who taught me a lot on the infield and I admire him as he moved up from a driver to infield and
now race director at the Speedbowl ."

His favorite race track of all time was the  Flemington, New Jersey speedway. When asked what was the best advice he's ever gotten or could give,
his answer was "Always be safe."

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