Modified Racing Series

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MiltonCAT Modifieds Supporting Northeast Classic

MiltonCAT Modifieds Supporting Northeast Classic

We are happy to have been allowed to work with PASS , ACT and The Thompson open modified's at the Northeast Classic at NHIS on April15th

Loudon NH 2023

Summary Of Rules Meeing on January 21 2024


Modified Racing Series

Summary Of Rules Meeing on January 21 2024

Please Read and feel free to Contact us with Comments

• Teams that sign up for the entire year asked if there could be some type of discount.
• Option 7 races pre-season=$525 race entry per event =$100 (7= $700)
• Change heat races points system to: Winner receives 10 points, 2nd place receives 8 points, 3rd place 6 points Then 5,4,3,2,1
• Heat line ups by draw (no change there), heat finishes done by a plus/minus system (say if you move up 1 position, you’d receive a +1, if you drop back 1 position you’d receive a -1, with one exception: if you start on the pole position and win your heat you receive a +1 don’t get punished for starting first).
• The tires that you run in your heat race are the tires you start in the feature.
• Heats races will be 10 laps.
• Tether rule Page# 13 Para: GG remove the part the says must be replaced after 4 years. Leave the rest of the rule alone which states tether must be in good condition, no tears etc.
• Rulebook Page# 4 Para: C & H SK-Mods change weight from 56% LS 2550lbs to 56º LS 2550lbs.
• Rulebook Page# 4 add 604 crate engine max Holly 650cfm total weight 57% LS 2525lbs
• Tri-Y headers are allowed for every motor package
• NO practices tires allowed at this time.
• Open track practices allowed no time limit. NO PRIVATE TRACK RENTAL OR TEST SESSIONS
• If a team pulls off early in a heat race an official must verify that the team had a true mechanical issue, if not than the car will need to go out and put extra laps on their tires.

Submitted By: William Doucette

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